26th-27th June 2021 / The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw


13. Festival of High Temperatures
The work of fire | June 26–27, 2021
The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław
ul. Traugutta 19/21 | Wroclaw | Poland

This year’s Festival of High Temperatures will be held on June 26-27 at the Academy of Art and Design at ul. Traugutta in Wrocław. Due to the exceptional time, it will be a different edition than previously carried out. And although it requires a flexible approach, we will make every effort to ensure that this year too, there will be hot emotions and attractions that are favorite by our audience. So what’s ahead?

Meetings, shows and workshops

On the first day, on Saturday, there will be workshop and demonstration activities, during which our audience will be able to participate in both well-known festival attractions and a number of new activities, such as a show using a ceramic oven inspired by steam engines or creating puzzles with aluminum. Most of the planned events will take place outdoors, in the garden of the Academy of Art and Design.
On the second day of the Festival, we invite you to take part in the panel entitled “Art in the Firelight”, during which the invited artists, including our international guests, will talk about their artistic activity and the process of creating works with the use of high temperatures. You will be able to listen to such celebrities as: Frederik Rombach, Eglė Einikyte-Narkevičienė, Adam Abel, John Moran *

Online activities

It’s still not everything. This year’s edition of the Festival of High Temperatures also includes events that take place only in virtual space. From the beginning of June, films will be regularly published on our social channels in two cycles: “Processes” and “Artists”. In both of them we will see four clips from each of the festival sections – glass, ceramics and metal. With their help, lecturers from the Wrocław Academy of Art and Design will present, the process of creating Raugo ceramics, various methods of forming sculptures for metal castings, or furnace and burner techniques. We will also learn how a stained glass window, a ceramic painting with the use of glazes and a glass object in the glassworking studio are created.
In the “Artists” series, we will meet twelve extraordinary artists, also associated with the Wrocław Academy, who will talk about their chosen work. We hope that the publication of materials on the Internet will allow for establishing a dialogue between the audience and artists, and for the exchange of knowledge and experiences on an even larger scale than before.

Exhibition at the Neon Gallery

Another attraction of the Festival, this time in a hybrid form, will be “The Work of Fire” exhibition, which will be held at the Neon Gallery on June 22-28. However, before the works can be seen at the exhibition, the artists and their works will take part in a special photo session, the effects of which will be available in May on our social media. The exhibition “The Work of Fire” is an extraordinary meeting with twenty-four artists and their works.

In addition, this year we are continuing the festival tradition of the tea bowl competition. This time, for the first time, the event has an international scope, and the submitted works will be presented at the exhibition during the Festival.

The Festival of High Temperatures is an artistic event organized by The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław since 2007, the idea of which is to integrate various artistic activities in the field of ceramics, glass and metal sculpture, with a common denominator in the form of high temperature.

* Depending on the epidemic situation, in the event of restriction of admission to the Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, some of the events will be broadcast online.




Each person entering the Festival area is obliged to complete the attachments to the regulations. We encourage you to print and complete the document in advance to facilitate the process of admitting people to the event.