23rd-25th June 2023 / The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw

About festival

The Festival of High Temperatures is the only artistic event in Poland during which artists from around the world share their knowledge and experience with other fans of “hot art” showing the audience their work from behind the scenes. Every year renowned masters of work with fire are invited. So far our guests have been Livio Serena, glass (Murano, Italy), Seung Woog Kim, ceramics (Korea), Pam Brown, sculpture/metal (Great Britain), Ed van Dijk, glass (Holland), Kati Kerstna glass (Estonia), Petr Novotny, glass (the Czech Republic), Martin Janecky, glass (the Czech Republic), Rick Batten sculpture/metal (USA), Jono Retallick sculpture/metal (Great Britain), Casey Westbrook sculpture/metal (USA), Martin Stefanek, glass (the Chech Republic), Andy Griffiths, sculpture/metal (Wales), James Wade, sculpture/metal (USA), Jack Gron, sculpture/metal (USA), Jörg Hanowski, glass (Germany), Simon Eccles, glass (England), Wayne Potratz, sculpture (USA), David Lobedell, sculpture (USA), Coral Penelope Lambert, metal (USA), Tamsie Ringler, metal (USA), Kurt Dyrhaug, metal (USA); Noah Kirby, metal (USA); Jason Hess, ceramics (USA); Samuel Chung, ceramics (USA); Hyang Jong Oh, ceramics (South Korea); Jung Hong Park, ceramics (South Korea / Germany), Kay Aplin, ceramics (Great Britain), Eirin Bjørsland Hansen, glass (Norway); Brent Cole, glass (USA); Erica Rosenfeld, glass (USA), to name but a few.

“This Festival brings together different artistic disciplines – glassmaking, ceramics and metal sculpture. It proves that despite the fact that we use different materials in art, we have something in common – high temperature. Work with fire is very demanding and exhausting, but it gives a lot of satisfaction and unique results.”

“The opportunity to interact with the audience is very important for us. Whole families from Wrocław come to the Festival and we have a lot of regular visitors. They watch our presentations with great interest, ask about details and take part in workshops. They are often surprised how many complicated processes the works of art which they see in galleries had to undergo.”

The Festival of High Temperatures is organized by the Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław (Poland).

Co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund – a state special purpose fund.

Project is co-financed by the City of Wrocław.