23rd-25th June 2023 / The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw

The program of this year’s festival will not lack the popular and useful Empty Bowls event! This is an international charity action, initiated by a non-profit organization, raising awareness and acting in the fight against hunger. This action brings together ceramics artists, glassmakers, as well as amateurs and all those willing to donate original, signed soup bowls to the action. As part of the public event, guests having a meal in them have the opportunity to make a donation that will go to organizations fighting hunger. In return, they can keep the bowl for themselves, so that each time they use it, they remember those who have nothing to fill it with. Similar events are also organized in the United States and in at least a dozen other countries. This year’s action is coordinated by Sandra Majecka.

? Bowls should be delivered by June 21, 2023 to the Academy of Art and Design, ul. Traugutta 19/21, 50-416 Wrocław with the note “Empty Bowls” (by mail or directly to studio 205 or to the porter’s lodge).

? You will be able to buy delicious soup in a beautiful bowl on June 24th (Saturday) from 1 p.m. during the Festival / ASP Wrocław, ul. Traugutta 19/21.