23rd-25th June 2023 / The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw

Erica Rosenfeld, a glass artist from New York, will be one of our Festival guests this year. 

Her hybrid artistic practice has centered on performative, sculptural and social aspects of glass and food-making. She uses glass, beads, food and found objects to create sculptures, installations and performances. She also has a line of jewelry and functional glass. Through all of these disciplines she seeks to make work that expresses time, conveys history, and serves as a means to preserve perceived memory. She also wants to change people’s minds about the function of material. Erica is one of the founders and a member of “The Burnt Asphalt Family” (www.theburntasphaltfamily.blogspot.com)!

Her performance “Experience/discover (hot performance)” will take place during the three Festival days in the Glassworking Studio at the Academy. She will perform with hot glass in front of the audience which will be a unique practice in the process of making art glass.
assistants: Peter Glosik, Jakub Kwarciński