11th Festival of High Temperatures

Fire art comes first! | 22-24.06.2018

The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław

ul. Traugutta 19/21 | Wrocław | Poland


The 11th Festival of High Temperatures starts on 22nd June 2018. It is organised by the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław. This is the only artistic event in Poland during which artists share their knowledge and experience with other enthusiasts of „hot” art, showing their work to the public from behind the scenes. It is also a great opportunity for students of Art Academies and Secondary Schools of Fine Art to work together with world-famous specialists and to make their own projects.

Fire art comes first’ is the theme of this year’s event and it will accompany artists and participants, who will meet during numerous practical demonstrations, inspiring workshops and interesting exhibitions. We have invited world-famous professional artists working with glass, ceramics and metal. They will be presenting their art and skills during the three June days. It will be really hot!


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Description of the events 



Making cast iron sculpture is a complex and time-consuming process. Spectacular iron, bronze and aluminium pours are the climax of a several-week work which includes making moulds, as well as preparation of materials, casting equipment and furnaces. After the art pieces have been cast they still need some finishing works and patinating. At the Festival we try to shorten the preparation time and tailor the events for the public so as to bring the mystique of molten metal to the masses. This year we have very special guests who are skilled and knowledgeable metal casters. Coral Penelope Lambert, a British-American sculptor using the language of nature, will carry out area research to create a series of site specific glyphs in Iron and Stone. Kurt Dyrhaug, professor of the Lamar University (USA), will warm up the audience with the hottest iron pour from one of the cupola furnaces built at the Wrocław Academy several years ago. Andy Griffiths, who is already known to the Festival audience from the previous events, together with his students from Carmarthen School of Art, will create a performance during which, soon after dark, the "sun" will rise again over the city. There will also be an intriguing, experimental performance of students from the Sculpture and Spatial Activities Research Circle entitled Mandala. The students will introduce some colour to the Festival, which will bring harmony and a lot of creative energy to the event. We have also prepared a variety of workshops during which everyone will be able to try their hand in making moulds. The art pieces made by the participants will then be cast in bronze, aluminium and iron. Jewellery workshops and demonstrations will be a perfect opportunity to watch and learn about the processes of working with other kinds of metal.




Curators of the Ceramics section have also planned a multitude of fiery events. A group of artists and students from the Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, as well as their international guests, will reveal the secrets of working with clay and fire. We will experiment with making a group of music events. The audience will be able to see how the sound influences hot ceramic pieces. Moreover, the participants will make their own musical instruments (Ceramic whistles and ocarina) and listen to the concert played on similar instruments created before the Festival (Play with fire!). This section will abound with demonstrations led by interesting and groundbreaking artists. We will host Şirin Koçak Özeskici (Turkey) specializing in a Naked Raku technique and Andrea Sadjak (Austria), who will lead a workshop about the secrets of working with porcelain mixed with paper. We recommend the demonstration of a Cyprian artist, Andreas Fasoulides, who will make glass and ceramics dance with the use of sound waves, as well as the experiment of Monika Patuszyńska (Poland), who will combine two antagonistic materials – glass and ceramics in front of the audience. This year, we are also planning to explore traditional ceramics. Visitors will be invited to try pottery wheel throwing (without electricity), taste tea brewed in a ceramic set and watch the international exhibition of tea bowls. We will also announce the winners of the Tea Bowl Competition entitled Tea Bowl with Essence. There will be plenty of annual attractions as well – workshops for children and adults, a charity event Empty Bowls and a lot of flaming outdoor ceramic firings. We’re waiting for you and warming up our kilns!




In the Glass section we will welcome new, excellent guests. In her artwork, Erica Rosenfeld uses glass in an unconventional way. In the Glassworking Studio we will see this artist’s solo performances. John Moran will present ironic, hyper realistic glass objects formed at high temperature. Next to the masters’ demonstrations, students from the Research Circle will show glassblowing techniques using plaster moulds cast from wax sculptures. The hot material will also be prepared in an outdoor furnace set in the yard. Ryszard Więckowski and Katarzyna Pyka will demonstrate the stages of making classical stained glass. This will be the first Festival during which there will be three different workshops of kiln techniques. Two of them will be run by Kalina Bańka and Adam Włodarczyk. Participants will make their own, relief compositions from colourful glass melted in clay moulds and they will create mosaic pictures in a fusing technique. Justyna Żak will run the workshop of a Pâte de Verre kiln technique. Moreover, we recommend the Face up to Glass workshop of artistic re/upcycling and Glass Garden during which participants will make their small gardens in glass vessels. There will be flameworking workshops and demonstrations as well. To cool down a little bit, among so many “hot” events, we have also prepared workshops of decorating glass by sanding, grinding and carving with drills.


What else? There will be multimedia displays, exhibitions, a conference, as well as events tailored for families.

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Participation in all Festival events is free of charge.




Organiser: The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław


Financed by:

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland

The City of Wrocław