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21-23.06.2019 / Akademia Sztuk Pięknych im. Eugeniusza Gepperta we Wrocławiu
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Artists of the 12th Festival – Jung Hong Park and Yujin Moon

Doreuldakda is a participatory performance presented by Doreuldakda Project, which invites the public to join in a moment of doing nothing but polishing up a stone.

The literal meaning of ‘doreul-dakda’ is‘to polish up a stone,’ but it is also a homophone of ‘to meditate’ or ‘to cultivate oneself spiritually’. A Seoul-based collective founded by a ceramic artist Jung Hong Park and a curator Yujin Moon in 2014, Doreuldakda Project has been occasionally collaborating with artists from different genres such as sound, music, video and more. The project aims to expand and experiment ceramic creation that is responsive not only to current issues about new territories of ceramic art but also to the interactions with the public through multi-disciplinary approaches on art experience.

Jung Hong Park (born 1979) is a ceramicist, who– until not long ago – was working in South Korea. Since 2018, he has been teaching at the University of Kassel, Germany. His works have been exhibited internationally, e.g. in Germany, Japan, Great Britain or the USA. The unique precision in his artworks makes them pure, with nothing to interfere with the strong message they convey.

Yujin Moon lives and works in Seoul. She gained both her BA and MA in Art Studies at Hong-ik University, Seoul. She has worked on numerous international projects in the field of art and ceramics aiming to infiltrate aesthetic experience into ordinary life. She sought to examine inter-exchanges of art practices in diverse genres embracing ceramics, contemporary art, music, and food. Moon has curated multiple international events, such as World Ceramic Art Jamboree (2009), Korean Contemporary Ceramics — Croisements vers la communication (2010, Paris), International Ceramic Forum Migration of Creation (2011), Lake Sound Performance (2013), Project Hope? (2016-2017) and many others.