11th Festival of High Temperatures

22-24 June 2018

The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław (Poland)

ul. Traugutta 19/21 Wrocław

Free entry 

We will published a detailed program of the 11th Festival at the beginning of 2018.



MAP 2017 (pdf)

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*** ABOUT the 10th Festival (2017) see below:




Like every year the curator of the section – Michał Staszczak – will lead a spectacular iron pour from a tilting furnace which is the first furnace of this kind in Europe. An American artist David Lobdell will run the extraordinary iron pour in a cupola furnace. It will happen after dark as it is one of the most spectacular attractions of the festival. David Lobdell will invite the festival audience to take part in an exciting performance with fire entitled "Message furnace". Another intriguing event will be an experimental iron pour from a bike furnace called "BI/RE-CYCLE", which will be powered by a turbine connected with a bike. Hubert Bujak will lead an aluminium pour and Andy Griffiths together with Matthew Tomalin and students from the Carmarthen School of Art in Wales will present a spectacular performance with cast iron. Paweł Czekański and students from the Wrocław Academy will make an iron birthday cake which will be one of the main attractions of the festival program. We have also planned various workshops which will allow the audience to face up to metal – create their own sculptures out of bronze (Wojciech Małek) and aluminium (Hubert Bujak) and see how jewellery is made. Our special guest will be an American artist Wayne Potratz who will run a sculpture workshop for students of the Academy.




Ceramics section will not be boring either. In the program there are presentations of different ceramics techniques and processes. This year we will host an Egyptian artist Mohamed Elabd Ali Khalil who will present the Egyptian paste technique. Mirosław Kulla will show the Raku technique and Rytis Konstantinavicius will introduce old Lithuanian methods of firing and colouring ceramics. It will be possible to look inside the kiln made of a tree trunk by Jakub Biewald, try bread from a bread oven and taste meals prepared outdoor by Karolina Kamińska. During the festival dozens of ceramic works will be made. Liquid clay works will be created under the watchful eye of Emilia Krankowska and Leri Papidze will help the audience to throw their works on a pottery wheel. Like every year we would like to invite you to support the Empty Bowls action, take part in a teacup competition and participate in numerous presentations and workshops where we will show you the secrets of decorating ceramics by painting, ceramic decal and stamps. There will also be the workshop of repairing broken ceramics with coloured decal inspired by a Japanese technique. This year Michal Podleśny will build a gnome-shaped kiln and the climax of all events will be a birthday cake kiln built by Rytis Konstantinavicius to celebrate the 10th year of the festival. 




In the glass section masters of glassworking Jiri Pacinek and Agah Baris Can Aksakal will lead practical displays of unique methods of shaping glass at high temperatures. Martyna Rychlik and Marta Byrdziak – enthusiasts of glassworking decorating techniques – will show us their experiments with murrine ornaments and a roll-up process. In turn Ryszard Więckowski and Katarzyna Pyka will present the stages of creating traditional stained glass. For the first time Kalina Bańka and Adam Włodarczyk will run a workshop during which the participants will create decors in negative and then make their own picture with fused glass. The presentations will be accompanied by exhibitions and workshops  e.g. the creative workshop of upcycling "Face up to glass" or Glass Garden during which the participants will create their own gardens in glass vessels. At this year Festival there will be an opportunity to learn about flameworking techniques and the stages of designing glassware during the Fast Design workshop.


What else? For our guests we have prepared also multimedia shows, exhibitions, a conference and games for families. Join us! 


Organizer: The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, Poland.

The project financed by the City of Wrocław

The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Wrocław, ul Traugutta 18/21